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Alaska: Lake Hood and Anchorage

After a grey day out in downtown Anchorage and a night of packing it was the day we were collecting our RV. This was going to be a new experience to travel around in an RV but before that we had enough time to wander around Lake Hood and photograph some of the float planes and other aircraft that use this base.

A Douglas DC-6 is preserved at the south east end of the Lake which was donated to the Alaskan Aviation Heritage Museum on behalf of the employees of Northern Air Cargo and is still in good condition. It wouldn't be the last time i saw a DC-6 on this trip.

I was amazed by the amount of aircraft that are on the lake and on the surrounding parking areas, varying in sizes from light aircraft to business props taking people out to one of the many camps in the wilds of Alaska.

Along with the float planes departing from the lake there is also a gravel strip that is used by bush planes, creating more of a challenge for the air traffic controllers, with an average of 190 flights from the lake area each day.

Although not visited on this trip the Alaska Aviation Museum has some exhibits outside including an old F-15 Eagle from the local USAF air base at Elmendorf and a Boeing 737 of Alaskan Airlines.

I would recommend a visit to the lake when staying in Anchorage for the opportunity to see some of the specialised float and bush planes along with the usual commercial traffic at Anchorage International Airport.

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