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AXALP tour: Alpnach 10th October 2017

The next stop on the way to AXALP was Militarflugplatz Alpnach. This is home to the Lufttransportstaffel 6 and 8 flying AS332 Super Pumas, AS532 Cougars and EC635s. As you arrive at the base from the north you head down from the town of Alpnach and see the airfield spread out in front of you. With a Super Puma already in the air practicing carrying an under-slung load we parked just west of the runway to photograph it arriving and departing.

Whilst the Super Puma was completing a circuit with the under-slung load the alarm sounded and the barriers came down across the road, meaning the runway was going to be in use. Two PC-6s taxied out from the hanger area and lined up to depart. I know that they have a short take-off ability but i was surprised to see them off the deck so quickly.

Back in the car and after a quick look around the the back of the hangers to see what other helicopters were on the pan it was onto Meiringen where we would be staying for a the next 3 nights.

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