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480th FS deploy to RAF Lakenheath

Rumours were abound that the 480th Fighter Squadron, based at Spangdahlem AFB in Germany, were going to be deployed to RAF Lakenheath for three weeks from the 10th July. The 17 F-16CJs and one F-16D arrived in three waves an hour apart on the morning of the 10th. I managed to catch this deployment on various occasions from multiple places around the base.

An extract taken from the RAF Lakenheath website is below describing the deployment: -

ROYAL AIR FORCE LAKENHEATH, England Airmen from the 48th Fighter Wing and those visiting from the 52nd Fighter Wing worked alongside British Allies during this bilateral training event to enhance interoperability, maintain joint readiness and reassure our regional Allies and partners of the U.S. Air Force’s commitment to a safe and secure Europe. "Our ability to operate as a seamless team is a critical component of what we do. It's the reason we're prepared to defend our nation and allies against any adversary," said Col. John Kent, 48th Fighter Wing vice commander. "We understand the different strengths every Airman and aircraft bring to the fight and use that knowledge to maximize our capabilities. This type of training is essential to interoperability and to our mission." “We’re always on the lookout for valuable training opportunities,” said Lt. Col. Michael Richard, 480th Fighter Squadron commander. “The experience we’ve received here at RAF Lakenheath only makes us want to seek opportunities like this further down the road.”

Now to wait and see what will deploy next to RAF Lakenheath.

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