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Amsterdam Schiphol April 2017

On returning from another successful trip to Frisian Flag at Leeuwarden Air Base we decided to stop over an extra night and sample the Amsterdam night life and then spend the day at Schiphol. With a variety of locations to choose from and a great selection of passenger and cargo flights to Schiphol we were looking forward to a good day of photography. The weather on the other hand didn't want to play ball, with low cloud throughout the day.

With winds coming from the south the Polderbaan was the first location to see aircraft landing on runway 36L. A walk down the cycle way to one of the benches allowed for some touchdown shots of a mix of commuter jets (ERJ and CRJ) to long haul airliners (747 and 787). The unobstructed views from here are simply amazing with dykes forming the barrier from you gaining access onto the airport.

We headed for another location in the middle of the day to capture some taxi shots. The taxiway led from the Polderbaan runway back to the terminal. Here the aircraft have to cross a bridge over roads and a canal. Again there are unobstructed views of these aircraft. The bright light made photography a bit more challenging but I was happy with some of the shots I got of the various airliners. A good day was had by both myself and James and we'll definitely be staying over again........even if its just or the night life!

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