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Adders in Thetford Forest

As the ground temperature warms up the reptiles of the forest start to emerge. With the heat from the sun not being strong enough to get them moving straight away it makes them easier to photograph. Vegetation, that can be the bane of the wildlife photographer, has not started growing with any vigour at this time of year making focusing on the subject easier. This is not saying that capturing photos of the Adder is simple. I had been to a site in Thetford in 2016 looking for Adders and had been lucky enough to see them basking in the early morning sun, so I decided I would make a couple of early morning trips to see if I could be as successful this year. I was in luck and using my 400mm lens meant that I could stay at least five metres away from the Adder and still get the photos I wanted.

Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time and this was the case a few weeks later. Driving along an access road in the forest I saw what I thought was a stick in the road, but as I drew closer I realised it was an Adder, using the road to warm itself up. I climbed out of my van as stealthily as possible trying not to disturb the Adder. I was able to get a couple of shots before it disappeared into the long grass. Hopefully i'll get to see some of the other reptiles found in Thetford over this summer.

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